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Suman Biography

Suman is a South Indian film actor. He played action hero and romantic hero in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam films during the 1980s. After a long while away from cinema, he returned to acting in Tamil films in 2007, starring in S. Shankar’s Sivaji: The Boss with Rajinikanth. He has also appeared with Joseph Vijay in Kuruvi and with Ajith Kumar in Aegan. He acted in many action and romantic movies in Telugu, includingSitaraTharangini, and Neti Bharatham. He appeared as a villain in Malayalam film Sagar Alias Jackie and enacted the historic characterPazhayamveedan Chandhu in the biopic malayalam movie Pazhassi Raja.

Personal Bakground
Suman was born 28 August 1959. His mother tongue is Tulu. He can speak Tulu, Telugu, Malayalam, English, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi fluently.
Suman did his kindergarten at Church Park Convent, Chennai. He completed his schooling at The Besant Theosophical High School, Chennai. He joined the Pachayappas College to do his B.A. in English Literature.

Suman is married to Smt. Sirisha and they have a daughter, Akilaja Prathyusha. Suman holds a Black Belt 1st Dan in Karate, from Shotokan Karate Association (affiliated to Japan Karate Association). He is the Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh Karate Association.
Suman’s full name is Mangalore Suman Talwar.Suman was born on 28 August 1959 at Chennai. His mother Late Smt. Kesari Chander was the Principal of the prestigious Ethiraj College for women in Chennai. His father Sri. Susheel Chander worked for I.O.C. Chennai. He is now residing at Hyderabad, with his Wife Smt. Sirisha (grand-daughter of well known Play-Wright Sri.D.V.Narasa Raju), his fifteen-year-old daughter Akilaja Prathyusha, his mother-in-law Smt.Kavita Raju and Sri.D.V.Narasaraju. His mother tongue is Tullu (Mangalore, Karnataka).
Suman learnt Sanskrit from Sri. H.A.S. Sashtri. Suman also learnt playing the Veena and the Guitar.
MARTIAL ARTS: He is a Black belt in karate (Shotokan Style). He also learnt Kalari Payiut (Martial Arts of Kerala) from Sri. Gopal Gurukkal. Suman attributes his Patience and Endurance to Martial arts. He is known for his famous stunts in movies, which got him the title of an Action Hero, due to his martial arts background. His film career was thanks to Martial arts, as his potential to be different and trend setting, was noticed by his producer in a Dojo (School), where Suman was teaching Karate.

A Black Belt 6th Dan in karate, from Shotokan Karate Association (affiliated to Japan Karate Association), Suman, is the Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh Karate Association. Suman takes an active part in all demonstrations and promotions, in Andhra Pradesh, to popularize martial arts as an effective way of striking a perfect balance, mentally and physically, to defend one’s self, with harmony, patience and restraint. Sumun Budokan Karate Association is an extension of his involvement in promoting Martial Arts.

SOCIAL CAUSE AND POLITICAL VIEWS: Suman joined as a supporter in the year 1999, to the Telugu Desam Supremo, our very own Chief Minister Sri. N. Chandra Babu Naidu. Inspired by his Dynamic administrative and Leadership qualities, Suman saw in him a path to give back to those people who gave him a place in their hearts, and to the society at large. As an ardent admirer of Sri. Chandra Babu Naidu’s qualities of hard work and perseverance.
Suman seeks to follow his ideals of – “Dare to Dream, Care To Achieve.”
Film Career

Suman started his film career as a police officer in Tamil movie Neechal Kulam (1977) produced by T.R.Rammanna.Then he gave a power packed performance in the remake of classic Hindi movie Deewar made into Tamil as Thee(1981),he played a sincere police officer with the upcoming superstar rajinikanth. In more than 3 decades, he acted more than 150 films as a hero in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and English language films. After a break, he returned to acting by playing the villain in Kollywood movies SivajiKuruvi. He is cast as the main villain in the Malayalam movie Sagar Alias Jacky. and
Suman started his career as a Sensei (Master) in Karate. His family friend Mr. Kittu introduced him to a Tamil producer. He thus started off his film career in the year 1977.In his final year he acted in his first Tamil movie “Neechal kulam” produced by well-known producer in Tamil Nadu Late Sri.T.R.Rammanna. His first role was that of a Police officer.

Suman has emerged as a true survivor. A Real Hero, as his fans would like to call him, from real life conspiracy that shattered a career but not his heart. He rose like a Phoenix to make a comeback, resurrecting belief in the minds of his fans and well wishers that nothing is impossible in life if you have Patience, Hard work, and Sincerity as your backbone.
Like a Constant Star, Suman has witnessed three generations in the Telugu film industry. Today, Suman has to his credit more than 150 films, in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.
He is also the first actor from Telugu Film Industry to act in a Hollywood movie-”Death And Taxis” produced by Clear water pictures and directed by Kevin Mukherji. He has been rechristened as Kevin Sumunt in this movie.

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